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We understand the need for change in the education system and your need to enhance the value of your institution in the current trends. For which we aim to connect teachers and students from all over the world under one roof with the help of our services/programs.


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We are academic facilitators with the mission to create programs that connect students and education providers from every corner of the world.

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Being an opportunist and a dreamer, he enrolled himself into a summer program in the USA provided by the International Relations Office. To his surprise he was one of the only two who got the visa and before he knew it, he was flying across continents to spend his summer in the land of opportunities. This trip was the turning point in his life as he explored, learned and aspired. After returning he applied for a dual degree program to UNA for which he received an Academic scholarship of $3000/year and full housing scholarship. During his application, he interned with the OIR and based on his good performance he got a paid part time job in the International Affair Office at UNA, USA.

Ramanjeet Singh (BE - Aerospace Engineering)

2+2 Credit transfer program- BSC – Film studies

I applied for the credit transfer program to the UNA which would help me to save half the funds and graduate from a public institute in the US! The office lodged my visa from India and trained me for the Embassy interview. I have received a 5 year study visa and am very excited for my dream to find success internationally.

Drawin Bivek- International Student (Nepal)

1+1 Credit transfer Program, University of North Alabama, US

The most amazing thing about my time abroad is the incredible impact pushing past my comfort zone had on not only my personality, but my perception of the world and its different cultures. I find myself understanding more about different cultures and people, and as a result have become more knowledgeable and understanding of people and their backgrounds. UNA also made my quest to find placement easier!

Mona Singh ( MBA)

2+2 Credit transfer Program

University of North Alabama USA

2+2 in the USA was the best program according to me and I had planned to apply for it since the very beginning. In my 2nd year Covid-19 hit and I thought I had lost my one and only chance to go to the USA. But OIR reassured me and did my application nonetheless. Because of them, I have now received my visa for the program. For the time being, the program is taught online. I will be traveling soon for my course.


Credit transfer program at University of North Alabama USA

Sonali (B.Sc. HHM)

Credit transfer Program at UNA, USA

One thing that I love about the Computer Science Department at UNA is the advanced labs with supreme technology that furnish the students with up-to-date information. The staff is supportive and knowledgeable. We are taught strong communication and presentation, apart from technical skills that makes us competitive in the job market.

Surya Pratap (BE CSE)

Internship program: A-state University, US

This was a learning experience. The friendly people, exceptional student support, high quality accommodation, accessible professors and a great city made it so much exciting.

Sneh manik (Bsc- AAM)

Bachelors of Computer Applications – 2+2 Program

Okanagan College, Canada

He successfully received his offer letter and Canada study Visa for 2+2 at Okanagan College, all during this pandemic!

Baljit Singh


They helped me a lot in the whole process, from sending SOP to university to training for the embassy visa interview. I got a 5 year study visa & I’m appreciative of you for this opportunity.

Sukhwinder Singh

Arkansas state university USA – Credit transfer program

For me, studying abroad had been an unreachable and impossible goal, so I did not ever spend time dreaming about the world. When I came to know about the transfer programs, me and my friends applied, not believing that we will get through it. Without any competitive exam and at a very affordable cost, I easily got admission, and before I knew it, I was packing up for this lifetime opportunity to complete my degree at Arkansas state university USA!  

Arvind Choudhury (Bachelors in Agriculture)

Madhav completed 2 years of BCOM in India, and flew to Okanagan College Canada for the remaining degree. He graduates from a complete Canadian Degree.

Madhav Makker (B.COM)

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