Our Programs

Summer programs

Summer program offer students the opportunity to make the most of their college curriculum. These programs last anywhere from a few weeks to two months,these programs will offer the best of both worlds. Summer programs are the best way for students to balance their desire for international exposure.

Semester Exchange

Over the years we have mastered the art of creating a world recognized exchange program with courses that are of high value for the institution as well as for students. We create a unique opportunity for students by offering them short-term courses in a foreign university or India, with a blend of culture engagement.

Internship Programs

Choosing an global internship program gives a break through into your chosen industry providing you a smooth transition from your education sphere to your career.

Degree Programs

We create degree program for students to plan to complete their degree abroad or for international students who plan to complete their degrees in India. The mix of right courses and counselling of students in creating a value for future is our ultimate target in this case.

Research seminars

we create value in the education system by conducting research seminars in a multidisciplinary setting. These seminars are for students and faculty. Our seminars have global presence and you can make the most out of the opportunity by meeting the leaders in their field of study.


A vast range of national and international conferences are conducted for students and faculty in a contemporary setting. Gain a global outlook by being a part of these conferences or get a chance to host one.

Faculty Programs

We organize faculty programs that includes conferences,international seminars,training and development and many more that make the faculty aware of the global trends in education and apply the same in their classroom.

Certificate Courses

These are short term courses that students and faculty can chose from as per their feild of study and get a chance to gain a globally recognized certificate with the chance to network with people around the world.